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The Select FIRF Crédito Privado is a fixed income combining government bonds, low risk private credit and investment fund quotas in credit rights, and Real Estate Receivables Certificates and other structured products . Quatá Investments has a conservative profile, in line with the profile of its investors. The goal is to achieve a return 110% ranging to 115% * over CDI.

**Return is not free of taxes

Quatá Investments structures custom funds to meet the needs of investors seeking asset allocation aligned with risk-expected return ratio chosen.

Our analysts have extensive experience in all types of credit and in analyzing secondary market assets. The transactions structured by Quatá combine yield and collateral; these operations are the result not only of expertise in credit analysis but also in structuring. Our team has extensive experience in structuring loans with collateral, collateral execution, renegotiating loans and risk management.

Key Benefits of an Exclusive Fund:

  • Increased efficiency at a lower cost: A team with expertise and skills dedicated to the analysis and selection of assets in accordance with the fund guidelines.
  • Investment Policy decided together: The quotaholder has the comfort of knowing, and have a say in all of the assets of the fund.
  • Possibility to obtain tax advantage through a restricted fund: There is no incidence of “come cotas” (semiannual taxes).

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